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Questions? Ask Us!

Send us your questions to  We will respond within 2 business days


Q: I don't want anyone to know what I am buying.  What name will appear on my credit card statement & PayPal account?

A: We bill all items discreetly under the name "Merchants".  All billing information is charged as Merchants.

Q: What will the return address on the package be?

A: The name on the return address will be "Merchants".

Q: Can I pay by credit cards and is it secure?

A: We accept credit cards though PayPal.  This is done for security and to protect your private information.  We do not take your credit card information.  Please read under Payments for more information.

Q: Where do I enter a coupon voucher/code?

A: Enter codes/coupons at checkout in the box marked "apply coupon".  Amount will be deducted from the sub-total.  All shipping and taxes will be extra

Q: I bought from you before and my login won't work

A: As this is a NEW platform/server, the information did not save from the old website.  Please register again.

Q: My shopping cart is empty when I try to checkout.

A:Ooops.  This is a glitch in the server/platform.  We are working to get it resolved, but in the meantime, if you register/login first before filling your cart, all items will be saved.

2. Cobra Libre, assorted colors Cobra Libre, assorted colors
more details
3. Liberator Wedge - black Liberator Wedge - black
more details
4. Max Results Pump Max Results Pump
more details
5. Mr. Thick Dick Penis Enlarger Cream 1.5oz/144ml Mr. Thick Dick Penis Enlarger Cream 1.5oz/144ml
more details
6. O'My Clitoral Stimulating Gel -1 ml O'My Clitoral Stimulating Gel -1 ml
more details

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